Pegasus Springs Education Collective is a non-profit organization that provides collaborative support and learning opportunities for the educational community. PSEC fosters a culture where educators, parents, and students can engage in meaningful reflection and promote positive change in education.

We’ve collaborated with Pegasus Springs to bring you:

  • Teaching With the Brain in Mind. A three day professional learning seminar for K-12 educators in exploring the science of learning and the All Kinds of Minds (AKOM) neurodevelopmental framework. December 12-13-14 at Walt Disney World’s Swan Resort.
  • Interactive online classes. Don’t have time to get to a parent topic night? Feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice online? Check back for our flagship online parenting classes – coming soon!

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Blue and white logo of Spark & Stitch Institute partner Youth Frontiers

We’ve collaborated with Youth Frontiers to bring educators an interactive retreat focused on the critical role of educator-student relationships in academic achievement. This is not your average workshop. Combining music, small group discussions, and evidence-packed mini-lectures, educators revisit the neuroscience of stress and recommit to forging meaningful connections with every student. What if you looked forward to your next professional development day?

Key learning objectives:

  • Remind and reaffirm educators’ understanding of the central role of relationships and school connectedness in academic achievement
  • Explore the science of stress on the learning brain and its impact on executive function
  • Identify practical strategies for building relationships with all students and creating a culture of connection that is sustained through challenging behaviors

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