• Brain science for the hardest parenting moments from screen time to emotional outbursts.

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The urge to protect your kids is strong. But when is this impulse helpful and when does it get in the way of your kids practicing skills they need for life?

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Parenting babies, toddlers, and big kids

As parents we often have two major goals, one is pragmatic and one a bit more lofty: Get through the day and raise a good human. We usually have no choice but to attend to the short term goal. The challenges of parenting little people are real. It’s not always easy getting pants on your two year old or handling screen time struggles with your third grader.

It turns out though that these daily struggles are connected to the end game. Everyday your child’s brain is running mini-experiments and practicing critical skills  – What do I do with my big feelings? How do I navigate conflict? How do I problem solve challenges? As your child makes those gigantic leaps from baby to toddler to kid, we are here for you with science-made-simple information and tips related to:


  • Children washing hands

    How to Talk to Kids and Teens About the Coronavirus

    "How long should I wash my hands? Two hours?" my five-year-old asked before dinner. "Kids don't even get sick from the corona virus!" my oldest asserted in a calm yet slightly annoyed, "I-know-more-than-you" voice. An argument ensued over who knew more about…

    How to Talk to Kids and Teens About the Coronavirus
  • Parent tucking child into bed with family ritual

    Do You Have Family Rituals?

    “Say our important things,” my youngest child reminded me as I told him to turn off his headlamp and close his eyes to go to sleep. “Of course! Do I ever forget?” I asked. “Well sometimes, but not usually. No, I guess…

    Do You Have Family Rituals?
  • How do you know when to protect and when to step back?

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  • Three children walking on a little wall symbolizing balanced parenting styles

    The Parenting Style That Best Fits Growing Brains

    There is a lot of talk these days about finding balance. Work-life balance. A balanced diet. Keeping media in balance. In general, balance is a worthy goal. Parenting, though, often feels like an exercise in grappling with persistent imbalance. Curve balls…

    The Parenting Style That Best Fits Growing Brains
  • Parent and child enjoying reducing screen time

    Why Reducing Screen Time Isn’t Your Best Resolution

    The other day I found myself thinking, "What a time to be alive!" as I watched my oldest child make a series of online slideshows for some of his teachers. He couldn't have been happier to be writing, creating hilarious…

    Why Reducing Screen Time Isn’t Your Best Resolution
  • Teenage girl using new phone

    New Digital Devices? Get Off To The Right Start With a Family Media Plan

    There is no doubt that gaming systems, phones, and tablets are at the top of many children’s wish lists this year. While there are reasons to wait before getting your child their own device, how do we make sure that…

    New Digital Devices? Get Off To The Right Start With a Family Media Plan
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  • Child's behavior means he is collapsing on ground

    Understanding your child’s behavior

    “But I KNOW he can do this! He just did it all by himself yesterday! My child’s behavior is too much right now.” An exasperated parent exclaimed as she explained to me how difficult it had been to get out…

    Understanding your child’s behavior

“The experiences we have during the growth spurts of our brain have a greater impact than at any other time in our life.”

– Dr. Dave Walsh