• Brain science for the hardest parenting moments from screen time to emotional outbursts.

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The urge to protect your kids is strong. But when is this impulse helpful and when does it get in the way of your kids practicing skills they need for life?

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Parenting babies, toddlers, and big kids

As parents we often have two major goals, one is pragmatic and one a bit more lofty: Get through the day and raise a good human. We usually have no choice but to attend to the short term goal. The challenges of parenting little people are real. It’s not always easy getting pants on your two year old or handling screen time struggles with your third grader.

It turns out though that these daily struggles are connected to the end game. Everyday your child’s brain is running mini-experiments and practicing critical skills  – What do I do with my big feelings? How do I navigate conflict? How do I problem solve challenges? As your child makes those gigantic leaps from baby to toddler to kid, we are here for you with science-made-simple information and tips related to:


  • Child blowing a dandelion seeds into the air.

    Five Things Kids Need to Regulate and Recharge

    “Are we still on summer break?” my oldest asked me yesterday. I wanted to respond, “Who knows anymore?” but I held my tongue. Instead, I answered with a cheery, “Yup! Still on summer break!” Then I handed him a popsicle in…

    Five Things Kids Need to Regulate and Recharge
  • Child smiling straight into camera.

    How to Disrupt Gender Bias in Young Children

    A single parent of a toddler sent me this message last week. “Figuring out how to participate in these movements for change during this pandemic with a young child is overwhelming. Most days we are just wrestling with screen time…

    How to Disrupt Gender Bias in Young Children
  • How do you know when to protect and when to step back?

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  • Child raising her arms in defiance feeling lots of emotions

    The Goal of Emotional Regulation is Not Quiet, Compliant Kids

    The lessons we learn about feelings are powerful. From a very young age we are taught in both spoken and unspoken ways which feelings (and associated behaviors) are welcome and which aren’t. A parent shared with me after a workshop a…

    The Goal of Emotional Regulation is Not Quiet, Compliant Kids
  • Protesters holding sign that says Black Lives Matter

    Practicing Anti-Racism in Parenting

    As many of you who follow our work already know, our family lives and works in South Minneapolis. This week our city has been on fire in the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police…

    Practicing Anti-Racism in Parenting
  • Small child holding hands with their parent staying connected during challenge

    Five Ways to Stay Connected to Kids During Stressful Times

    This parent spoke for many others when she shared this recently. “I keep reading that kids need us to stay connected more than ever during this pandemic. But our family is stretched so thin. My partner is working in a…

    Five Ways to Stay Connected to Kids During Stressful Times
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  • Child not motivated to start distance learning work.

    Motivation During a Pandemic

    You don’t have to go far on the Internet these days to find tips for how to “stay productive” during the pandemic and ideas for how to maintain heavy work loads despite crumbling routines and high uncertainty. The reality on the…

    Motivation During a Pandemic

“The experiences we have during the growth spurts of our brain have a greater impact than at any other time in our life.”

– Dr. Dave Walsh