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    Your teen needs you now more than ever. They will never tell you that, so let us.

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Parenting teens isn’t just about getting through the day, it is about preparing them for life. How much stress is too much stress? What is the right balance between independence and guidance? 

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Parenting Teens

Parenting teens can be a wild ride. Remember when your kids were small? The orbit of your questions was smaller too. Maybe you spent your time Googling questions about sleep, food, and tantrums. But now that little person is growing up and the questions feel bigger and the stakes feel higher. How do I stay connected when they are pushing me away? How much freedom do I give? How do I navigate this minefield of intense emotions? Fortnite! Sex and gender? And on and on.

Every teen is different. That’s why parenting teens is an improv act. Your teen can’t be boiled down to neurons and hormones but understanding the teenage brain is a game changer. It gives you the perspective you need to go from confused and overwhelmed to capable and confident that you and your teen can do this – together. Check out the parenting blog for reassuring guidance and practical strategies for parenting teens.

“Teenagers are not problems to be solved. They are adventures to be lived.”

– Dr. Dave Walsh