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Why Do They Act That Way? An Online Parenting Class With Proven Strategies to Understand and Stay Connected To Your Teenager

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Online Classes

We know that parents and educators are busy. It’s hard to carve out time to go to a workshop, attend a parent night at your kids’ school, or read a whole parenting book. Don’t worry, we have been listening to you. We’ve partnered with Pegasus Springs Education Collective to launch a new series of online classes so you can learn on-the-go, in your pajamas, or when it works for you. These new courses will be for parents and educators of all ages and grades and address some of the hardest parts of raising kids. We are building and offering online classes because:

  • From an apartment in Brooklyn to ranches in Wyoming, we want to talk directly to you.
  • We know that parenting and teaching is hard and that you want to be able to ask questions and get ongoing support.
  • You  need to be able to squeeze learning into the nooks and crannies of a busy life.

In our first signature course, Why Do They Act That Way? The Online Class With Proven Strategies to Understand and Stay Connected To Your Teen you will go from feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed to assured and connected as you learn the latest discoveries in brain science and explore the art of raising a teenager. This class is a step-by-step guide to help you weed through the noise of conflicting parenting advice and get concrete tips and tools to help you and your teen thrive.

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What is an online class?

Online classes allow you to learn from home, on-the-go, or in your pajamas. Once you enroll in an online class, you get weekly access to videos packed full of valuable information taught by experts in child and adolescent development, practical parenting guides and exercises that help you translate your learning into practical strategies you can use today, and online support via live Q and As and social communities. You get lifetime access to the course content so you can always review, revisit, and reengage when it works for you!

What online classes can I take now?

We have heard from a lot of you with ideas, so check back often for new courses! Our flagship course is Why Do They Act That Way? The Online Class With Proven Strategies to Understand and Stay Connected To Your Teen.

The fall course is currently closed but subscribe to be the first to know when we open enrollment again!

Who teaches your classes?

Our first online class, Why Do They Act That Way? will be co-taught by Dr. David Walsh and Erin Walsh. This class is based on the book with the same title that they co-authored, so they are well positioned to teach the course!

I've already read your books and love them, should I take the class too?

We think so! While the classes draw on some of the same information that we share in our books and/or presentations, we’ve carefully designed these classes to deliver the most valuable information in a succinct and memorable way and to immediately put that into action with new exercises, tips, and tools. You will also have access to an online community for support and have access to Dr. Dave and Erin for weekly live questions.