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    Addressing your screen time struggles with science and understanding.

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How much is too much? Find out if screen time is a healthy part of your child’s life or if it is taking over with the I’d Rather Inventory for Digital Wellbeing.

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Screen Time

We all know that media and technology unleash incredible opportunities for our kids and teens. They can connect, learn, create, take action, and share. We also understand that managing screen time unleashes incredible power struggles and worries: How much screen time is healthy? Is screen time bad for babies? What are the best cell phone rules for kids? What about social media and anxiety?

Media headlines don’t answer these questions very well, often relying on fear-based or tech-euphoric soundbites. You deserve guidance grounded in research so that you can worry less and parent better. Check out the posts below or search our full blog and be in touch with your questions.

“Media and technology are not inherently good or bad, they are powerful. The good or bad depends upon how we use them.”

Dr. Dave Walsh