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    It takes courage to grow up. It takes courage to show up.

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Finding the balance between guidance and independence is hard. When do we step in to protect kids and teens and when do we let them figure it out on their own?

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Parenting for Connection & Courage

On the one hand, parenting is incredibly complicated. Your kids are constantly changing, the world is accelerating, and it isn’t always clear what to do. On the other hand, over and over again the research reveals that kids need something that is remarkably simple to thrive: A warm and caring connection with you.

Connection is the active ingredient for a whole suite of “soft skills” – things like empathy, resilience, emotional regulation, and communication. At Spark & Stitch we believe that courage is inextricably linked to connection. It takes courage to have face-to-face conversations, stand up for each other, and speak from the heart. Below you will find posts that give you insight into your child’s emotional development. Check them out and be in touch with your questions.