• Tweens, Teens, and Screens:

    Why The Shift From Control to Connection Is Key to Mental Health

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When our kids are very young, it feels a little easier to create a safe “digital playground” for them to explore. As they get older, our role can feel more murky and unclear. We want to keep them safe, protect their mental health, and let them enjoy, connect, and learn.

That’s why it’s easy to vacillate wildly between:

  • Wanting to unplug (and destroy) every device in the house;
  • Handing over the devices in a wave of exhaustion and hoping for the best.

But what do kids and teens actually need from us as their digital worlds expand?

Join Erin Walsh for the latest research, practical strategies, and an accessible and affirming framework you can lean on during digital challenges. Plus a warm invitation to join our only live cohort experience this year of our popular on-demand class CONNECTED.

* This is just one resource in a series on parenting for courage and connection. We will be in touch with the latest blogs, online classes, and resources to support you!