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    Kids, Teens, and Phones

    Let’s answer your questions.

Live Q&A with Erin Walsh

Let’s talk.

There is a lot in the news again related to kids, teens, and phones. It’s no surprise that our inbox has been flooded with questions like:

  • When do you think kids should get a cell phone? What about social media?
  • Will getting a phone negatively impact my kid’s mental health?
  • Can you help me make sense of the policies and laws being debated?
  • My kid seems okay, but maybe they aren’t? This has me worried. Thoughts?

Erin will be hosting a free online Q&A to explore YOUR questions on April 10th from 12-12:30 pm Central Time.

This session will be recorded and sent to all registrants for limited time viewing. Drop your name and email below so we know you are coming! Let’s do this.

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