• Grow your understanding. Communicate better. Connect more.

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    Grow your understanding. Communicate better. Connect more.

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We understand that raising kids isn’t always easy. Just when you think you’ve got it all together, something changes. It doesn’t help that frantically searching “my five year old hit me” or “cell phone rules for teens” doesn’t usually lead to the most clear or affirming advice. We know that kids and parents alike are drowning in a sea of conflicting information. Now let’s be clear, we didn’t create Spark & Stitch because we think we have all the answers. You are the one who knows your family, your culture, your kid.

We created Spark & Stitch Institute™ because we believe that raising connected and courageous kids in the digital age is more urgent now than ever before. We also believe that none of us can do it alone and that the latest research can be a helpful guide. You deserve accessible, warm, and practical parenting help. We are here for you to:

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      • Learn about the latest research on digital media and screen time
      • Get insights into the teenage brain
      • Gain knowledge on fostering empathy, courage, and resilience in your kid

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      • Apply the latest research through practical parenting techniques
      • Get tips on how to connect online and offline worlds
      • Reflect on the kind of parent you want to be




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