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    Professional development that activates understanding of the whole student

“In my thirty-seven years of attending workshops, this is the best I have ever been to. This workshop should be a requirement for every parent and educator.”

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While curriculum and tests focus on measuring “what” students learn, educators know that “how” children learn is equally as important. A growing body of research backs up what educators know from experience in the classroom – that soft skills like perseverance, empathy, self regulation, focus, and problem solving are the active ingredients in learning.

Spark & Stitch Institute is committed to bringing engaging professional development to schools that help educators better understand how these skills grow and develop from early childhood through adolescence. With specific expertise in screen time and technology’s impact on student wellbeing, our speakers can:


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      • Screentime and technology
      • “Soft” skills and executive function development
      • Science of stress, trauma, and the learning brain
      • Teenage brain development

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      • Educators and students
      • New research to developmentally appropriate practice
      • Schools and parents

Erin and Dr. Dave have worked with schools, school districts, and professional organizations across the country including:

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…Palo Alto Unified School District, CA – Los Gatos Union School District, CA – Ridgefield School District, NJ – Reading Public Schools, MA – American International School of Guatemala – St. Paul Public Schools – Memphis City Public Schools, TN – Minnetonka Public Schools, MN – South Washington County Public Schools, MN – Clayton Public Schools – MO…

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Are you building a relationship-focused school culture? Do you want to carve out time to revisit the science, practice, and importance of connection in education? This collaboration with Youth Frontiers brings you the art and science of school connectedness. This isn’t your average professional development day. Through music, small and large group discussions, and short lectures, educators renew their understanding of why building trusting and caring relationships with students unleashes learning.

Learn more about the Mind Retreat