A group of children flexing their muscles and looking happy


Here is your guide “Disrupting Gender Bias – Getting Started!”

We created this guide because we know that disrupting gender bias helps all children thrive. We also know that it isn’t always obvious how to help young children spot and stop bias when they see it or experience it (us grown ups are still working on this).

Downloading this resource may feel like a small thing, but by grabbing it you are telling us something about our shared values:

1. We want our kids to develop healthy self identity and to respect and value others.

2. We want to learn how to help kids understand and be prepared to disrupt for gender bias and sexism.

3. We want to help our kids be agents for positive change in our homes and in the world.

We hope that this little resource is supportive of this work! Thanks for trusting us. Go ahead and grab your guide now.