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The Three Common Beliefs About Teenagers That Can Derail Your Relationship

& How Re-shaping Those Beliefs  Can Gets Things Back on Track


October 10th, 9 am CST

We believe that learning about the brain science of adolescence can transform your parenting and lead to fewer freak outs, more patience, and stronger connection.

In this free webinar you will learn:


The three commonly held beliefs that negatively impact how we perceive and parent teenagers.


Cutting edge brain science to help you reframe these beliefs and transform your parenting.


Why your teenager needs you (even if they would never tell you that).


October 10th, 9 am CST

Parenting teenagers isn’t always easy.

Studies show that parents of teens are more stressed than other other group of parents. If that doesn’t surprise you, this webinar is for you. Your teenager’s brain is changing and this can unleash unpredictable, dramatic, and challenging behaviors. However, these changes also indicate that your teenager is in an incredible window of opportunity – one where they need you more than ever as their guide. But it isn’t always obvious what they need! Especially if they are actively pushing you away.

Join us to learn three common worries that might play on repeat inside your head as you navigate the challenges of parenting a teen. Learn how brain science can shift these beliefs about your teenager’s behaviors in ways that can transform your parenting and your relationship.

This free webinar is a must attend if…


  • You are a parent of a teen and too many conversations escalate into power struggles.

  • You worry about the widening distance between you and your teenager and you aren’t sure how to bridge it.

  • You wonder about your teen’s behaviors and think, “Is everything going to turn out okay?”

  • You are a parent of a pre-teen and want to be prepared for the teenage years because you know you will need extra support and tools.


October 10th, 9 am CST

A personal invitation from Erin and Dr. Dave…

Dr. Dave Walsh and Erin Walsh introducing online class Why Do They Act That Way?

We’ve got your back. Not only are we a father-daughter team who made it through the ups and downs of adolescence, but we have been writing about and talking to parents about the teenage brain for over twenty years. In fact, we wrote the national bestselling book on the topic: Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen.

We know your struggles. We know how much your love your kids. We know that there is no such thing as the “perfect parent,” and that we all need support, ideas, and affirmation to help us do the best we can.

We’ve traveled all over the country and listened to your concerns and triumphs and this webinar is the result of what we’ve heard from parents everywhere. Trust us, you are not alone! Even when you feel that way.

If you are ready to transform your beliefs about your teenager, we can’t wait to see you on this webinar.

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Erin Walsh and Dr. Dave Walsh