• Teenage girl looking worried during COVID-19

Spark Insight Series Archives

The Spark Insight Series consists of short, sweet, and practical online sessions designed to spark insight and stitch connections between you and your kids. Parenting is never easy. Parenting during a pandemic is a lot harder. Get access to the recordings of the following sessions:

  • The Many Faces of Stress: How to Love Your Kids When They Need It Most
  • Parenting in a Pandemic: Setting Limits and Avoiding Power Struggles
  • Why Gratitude Helps Your Kids Cope With Crisis
  • Parenting in a Pandemic: Screentime in Early Childhood
  • Parenting With Mental Health in Mind
  • Back to School Special: The Science of Motivation

*This is only one resource in a series devoted to parenting for connection and courage. We will keep you posted on upcoming sessions in the series, new blogs, and more parenting tools as we create them.