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Power Struggle Patterns – How To See Them and Ways to Change Them

Do simple conversations escalate quickly into power struggles? Do you find yourself nagging and pleading? We all slip into these kinds of patterns – especially when we are under stress.  The challenge is that the past year has left little time to reflect on or strategize for even small changes in family dynamics. Juggling parenting, schooling, and working has meant that most of us are in “heads down, get through” mode. As things start to shift as we emerge (slowly and very carefully) from COVID, this is a good time to do a little bit of reflection: What do I want to keep doing? What patterns do I want to shift?

This online session with Dr. Dave Walsh and Erin Walsh will be short, sweet, and very practical. We will help normalize why these patterns emerge and introduce an exercise to help you see and change them.

For extra support, we will also be opening up their online short course “Say Yes To No: Why Kids Need Loving Boundaries and How to Set Them” for a live cohort who want to experience this self-paced class at the same time. Dr. Dave and Erin will share a few details during the session! More support is on its way.

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