Spark Insight Series

Parenting has always been an art. Parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic even more so. The Spark Insight Series consisted of short, sweet, and practical online sessions designed to spark insight and stitch connections between you and your kids. All of these session were recorded in March and April of 2020.

We want you to have these replays because you are showing up big time for your kids right now. Let us show up for you.


The Many Faces of Stress: How to Love Your Kids When They Need It Most

Kids rarely turn to us and say “I’m feeling anxious, can you please help me?” Instead, stress often comes out sideways. In this slightly longer session, we explore the neurobiology of stress and the faces of stress in children and teens. Finally, we share the number one thing kids need during times of uncertainty and overwhelm.

Want to listen on a long socially distanced walk? Listen to the audio here:

Why Gratitude Helps Kids Cope With Crisis

Gratitude doesn’t just make us feel good, it is a critical coping strategy during crisis. In this session we talk about the science of gratitude, what gratitude is (and what it isn’t) and how to nurture it in children and teens.

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Coping With COVID: Parenting With Mental Health in Mind

It is clear that when it comes to living with high levels of stress and uncertainty, this is a marathon not a sprint. In this short session, we normalize the stress and anxiety that children and teens are living with and share signs and symptoms of more serious mental illness.

Back to School Special: The Science of Motivation

Understanding the science of motivation can help us keep our eyes on how to nurture it in our kids – not to meet the relentless pressure of “productivity” but for mental health and wellbeing and so that we can find ways to stay engaged in what really matters as the pandemic wears on.

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