Practicing Anti-Racism in Parenting

As many of you who follow our work already know, our family lives and works in South Minneapolis. This week our city has been on fire in the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. In reality our city has been burning for a long time.

This is happening in our neighborhood and our city. But the pain – both its long roots and current uprising – is not unique to Minneapolis. We all have a long and important road ahead of us and children and youth need us to connect, listen, talk, support, share power, and model what racial justice, repair, and reparations looks like in action.

We are committed to not retreating from the brutal complexity of this moment and to find ways to take action and parent and teach with courage. It is clear over and over and over again that raising courageous and connected kids means talking about race, racism, and white supremacy and giving kids age appropriate tools to spot it and disrupt it in our beliefs, behaviors, systems, and institutions. This is especially the work and responsibility of white bodied parents and caregivers.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. At this time we are not creating new resources. Instead we are focused on our community offline and on amplifying the work and platforms of other leaders, especially Black voices. More soon. This work is never done.

Recordings of live sessions about anti-racism in parenting: