Group of kids running towards school with their backpacks on

“How Was Your Day?” Talking to Kids About School

“How was your day, buddy?” I asked my second grader after his first day of school. “Thumbs up, down, or something in between?” I prompted.  He put his thumb sideways and kept walking without a word. This kind of ambiguity in a normal year is challenging for us parents. During another COVID year of schooling?…  Read More

How to Talk to Kids About Body Image and Healthy Eating Habits

It is impossible to walk through a grocery store these days and not feel conflicted by the images plastered over magazine covers. Headlines like “Lose Your Belly Fat in Just 10 Days!” or “Best and Worst Beach Bodies” are stacked right alongside cooking magazines with recipes for Decadent Chocolate Cake and Triple Cheeseburgers. Not all…  Read More