The Marshmallow Experiment

I saw Dr. Dave Walsh present a couple of weeks ago and loved the video he showed of the marshmallow experiment. What a fun way to learn about impulse control and delay of gratification! Where can I find this video?

Marjorie, Huron County, Michigan

Marjorie, I am glad you liked the video of the marshmallow experiment. As you know, this experiment was originally conducted in 1968 by Walter Mischel at Stanford University. We recreated pieces of it a couple of years ago in collaboration with WCCO TV in Minneapolis.

Watching the video, you’ll learn that the significance of the original experiment had nothing to do with marshmallows. It had everything to do with the importance of impulse control and the ability to delay gratification. It turns out that these are key character traits for children’s success in school and life. Watch and you will see: