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Two teenage boys playing video games

Video Game Addiction: Symptom Checklist

Are you worried about your child’s video game habits? Take a look at this video game addiction symptoms checklist I created to see if you have cause for alarm. While this is not a diagnostic tool, it can help you assess whether or not games are an unhealthy part of your child’s life and if…  Read More

Secure attachment is the foundation of self-discipline

Dr. Dave, I know that you do a lot of research on self-discipline and self reliance. I work with new parents and many are worried about “spoiling” their babies by responding immediately to their cries and picking them up. How should I respond? Cheryl, Mississippi Can you spoil a baby? Anxious to get their kids…  Read More

Media Influence: “Whoever Tells the Stories Defines the Culture”

The power of stories We human beings come from a long line of storytellers. For many centuries our ancestors sat around campfires telling tales. Though the hearth of the kitchen table replaced the campfire for contemporary U.S. families, the storytelling didn’t stop. The stories came in all different sizes and shapes. Some recounted the news…  Read More

Teenager multitasking while doing homework

The Brain Costs of Multitasking

Are Kids Juggling Too Much?

Is this scene familiar to you? You think your child is diligently doing homework. You knock and hear a cheery “Come on in.” As you enter, your daughter is holding the telephone in one hand, a message is popping up on her Facebook page, and the latest song from her favorite group is blaring from her…  Read More

Back of teenagers head looking at computer with phone near her

Managing the Multitasking Generation

I just wrote a post about the brains of the multitasking generation and the cognitive costs of juggling too much at the same time. Here are some tips for parents to make sure your children have multitasking under control. Their brains will thank you! Explain to your child that his or her brain is like…  Read More

Teenager looking at cell phone.

Teenage Sexting: How to Respond?

Teenage sexting dominates media headlines, but like any hot issue making a big splash in the news, is sexting really happening and is it really a big deal? There is a huge range in the research because the data depends upon how you define and measure sexting. In one recent study, about 12% of teens…  Read More

Baby sticking tongue out in response to the same from a grown up, example of mirror neurons

Media Violence and Mirror Neurons

Dear Dr. Dave, There was recently a bomb threat at my son’s high school. It seemed like the plot was right out of a video game. I can’t help but think that there is a relationship – are kids just copying what they see in their entertainment? What does this have to do with mirror…  Read More

Teaching empathy by attending to emotional cues of baby

Teaching Empathy

Dr. Dave just wrote a post about mirror neurons, exploring our built-in capacity to grasp the minds and experiences of others by simulating them in our brains. While he focused on the relationship between media violence and mirror neurons in that post, he also shared that mirror neurons are the basis for empathy – the…  Read More